App Hall of Fame Inductee Shazam


by Shazam Entertainment Ltd.

Inducted into the App Hall of Fame on October, 2010
Originally released 2008-07-07
Category: Music
Not currently available in the iTunes app store.

Shazam has the miraculous ability to recognize the music you are hearing in just a few seconds. Restaurants, bars, movies, all of those mystery songs you hear can now be easily tagged.

New Shazam Friends feature! Weve all got friends with great taste in music, and Shazam Friends is the new way to listen to and learn more about the songs theyre tagging, plus share your own songs youve discovered.
Lovin that tune? Shazam is the quickest and easiest way to discover more about music. Just hold your phone up to the song to identify the track, buy it, check out the videos, get the lyrics, share it with friends and more!
Start your music journey and enjoy Shazam to:
Identify what song is playing and preview and buy** the track direct on iTunes
Check out your friends tagged music and add tracks straight to your own Tag List
Read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, and view song lyrics
Browse Shazam Tag Charts from 20 countries
Tap artwork in My Tags and Charts for shortcut menu to preview, buy and share music
Share Tags with friends on Facebook and Twitter
Search music by artist, track or album
See tour dates for tagged artists and buy concert tickets
Stay tuned to the latest music news and insights with the Shazam Blog
Select Tag on startup option for a faster Tag result
Store Tags and send when you next have a data connection

This App gives you 5 Tags per month*. For unlimited tagging and exclusive features try our premium App Encore.

*If youve been using Shazam on your current iPhone / iPod touch since before 9th November 2009, youre still entitled to unlimited tagging.
**Previewing and buying music requires iTunes music store in your country. Previews courtesy of iTunes.
Lyrics available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
Shazam supports iPod touch. External microphone required for older models (without a camera).
None of the competitions featured in Shazam are conducted by, or sponsored by Apple Inc. Please refer to competition pages for applicable terms and conditions before entering.