App Hall of Fame Inductee Frenzic


by The Iconfactory

Inducted into the App Hall of Fame on March, 2011
Originally released 2008-11-16
Category: Games :: Puzzle
Not currently available in the iTunes app store.

A frantic matching game and very well designed.

*** Finalist in IGF Mobile Game Awards for BEST iPhone Game ***

Frenzic is a fast paced puzzle-based game that will sharpen your reflexes and get your neurons firing. It takes only minutes to learn and months to master, but beware, once you start playing you may never want to stop!


Makes Tetris and Bejeweled look like child's play

Complete power-ups for increased abilities

Use Location Services to pit your scores against players nearby or across the globe

Interact with other players via the website. Make friends, track stats & more

Climb through seven levels of Devotion from Newbie all the way to Frenzic Grandmaster!

Be sure to visit for complete game information including video demos, game strategies, frequently asked questions and much more.


"The Frenzic UI is just so sharp, responsive, and downright perfect for the iPhone platform!" - TheAppleBlog

"This is a game you canand willplay for hours on end" - Slide To Play

"It's so perfectly suited to touch screen controls that it's hard to believe it wasn't designed for the iPhone all along." - Daring Fireball

"The sound design is excellent, with a scheme that matches the visual design very well." - TUAW

"Apple should include [Frenzic] with every iPhone." - Ars Technica