App Hall of Fame Inductee The Creeps

The Creeps

by Super Squawk Software

Inducted into the App Hall of Fame on January, 2011
Originally released 2008-12-19
Category: Games :: Strategy
Not currently available in the iTunes app store.

Could be the best tower defense game available.

Over a MILLION downloads! Why don't YOU have it yet?

Game Center support! Online leader boards and 60 Achievements!

Added in Version 1.5.7
*Two HUGE level packs now for sale! These level packs contain all the Valentine's Day and St. Patricks Day levels from "The Creeps! Holiday Edition", including the brand new creeps, and the new towers. "Cupid's Crossbow" does explosive damage, while the Pot 'O Gold slows, damages and steals money from the creeps!

Added in Version 1.4.8
*Full iOS4 support!!
*Check out the FREE BONUS LEVEL (tap the spark on the level select screen) and the brand new level packs (#4,#5 and #6), all featuring the AWESOME new Battery Tower!!

There are Creeps living in your closet! Defeat the things that go bump in the night with toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs. Summon a giant spider to slow your enemies, or a UFO to sap their energy!

***Secret guest appearances from the Pocket God Pygmies and the Doodle Jump Doodler!

Battle Ghosts, Zombies, Aliens, Dinosaurs and more!

"This is quite possibly the best tower defense game on that app store!"

Featured by Apple in "Best Tower Defense" (twice!)
Featured by Apple in "What's Hot"
Featured by Apple in "What We're Playing"

Rated 5/5 Stars by!

"The Creeps! is one of those few perfect titles."

"The Creeps! is a grade-A game"

"Challenging and Fun"

"a lot of fun that kept me coming back for more"