Hello! Welcome to the App Hall of Fame — an archive of the greatest mobile apps ever released.

Why? Discovering the very best apps is an increasingly difficult task. There are so many new applications released that it becomes harder and harder to find the gems in the crowd — especially so once that special new app smell wears off. That’s why we’re here. The App Hall of Fame exists to archive the very best of the best in mobile apps. The apps inducted into the hall of fame are considered to be the very best in the app store, the cream of the crop, as it were.

We want to help carry the torch for the spectacular applications released in the past that may have been forgotten in this fast moving world of app sales and promotions. Our committee has years of experience looking at, writing about, and – in some cases – developing apps. Who better to bring these aging app gems back into the spotlight and keep their memory alive? Committee members understand that the apps inducted to this hall of fame must be the ones that are very nearly perfect in every aspect. Be they applications or games, the apps inducted into the hall of fame are exemplary in every way.

How it works – Applications are nominated throughout each month by our knowledgeable (and good-looking!) committee members. Once each month, our committee will then vote on the nominated applications and induct, at most, 12 applications into the App Hall of Fame. Those inducted applications will be displayed on the site for all time as a reference to app lovers new and old. That means you! And us!

Initially we’ll be focusing on iPhone and iPod Touch applications. We’ll quickly add iPad applications followed by Android. We’ll look at adding other platforms as it makes sense.

In addition, we’ve teamed up with Flurry to help give inducted apps an additional promotional boost. Flurry has graciously donated $1,000 in AppCircle promotional credit to each inducted app.

And we haven’t forgotten the users. Sign up for our mailing list to enter our monthly celebration. We’ll be gifting copies of all of the inducted apps to our mailing list subscribers.

When? The first 12 inductees will be announced on Monday, October 11th. From there we’ll announce 12 new inductees every month on about the second Monday of the month.

Got an App in the App Store? Got an app you think is App Hall of Fame worthy? Please send us a public reply on Twitter (@AppHallofFame). Please do not contact the selection committee members directly at the risk of bothering the members.

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Thanks To our committee members for helping in this archive process. A special thanks to committee member Nigel Wood for creating our logo.