App Hall of Fame Inductee Brushes - iPhone Edition

Brushes - iPhone Edition

by Steve Sprang

Inducted into the App Hall of Fame on February, 2011
Originally released 2008-08-20
Category: Entertainment
Not currently available in the iTunes app store.

"Amazing painting app. Has helped make iOS devices the new digital canvas." - Patrick Jordan

Winner, Apple Design Award 2010!

Brushes was used to create the cover of the June 1, 2009 issue of The New Yorker:

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Brushes is a painting application designed from scratch for the iPhone and iPod touch. Featuring an advanced color picker, several realistic brushes, layers, extreme zooming, and a simple yet deep interface, it is a powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device.


High-quality brushes (with an erase mode)

Layers (rearrange, merge, fill with a color, and adjust transparency)

Copy and Paste layers between paintings

Import multiple photos as layers

Desktop-class color picker

Extremely responsive zooming from 70% to 1600%

Eyedropper tool

Generous level of undo and redo

Slideshow mode

Built in web server (download paintings to any computer)

Replay your paintings at high resolution with Brushes Viewer on Mac OS X (

Support: Please email if you have any problems or questions.