App Hall of Fame Inductee Homerun Battle 3D

Homerun Battle 3D

by Com2uS Corp.

Inducted into the App Hall of Fame on October, 2010
Originally released 2009-06-16
Category: Games :: Sports
Not currently available in the iTunes app store.

Sure, it's a fun 3D baseball game, but it's the multiplayer that really makes this a hall of fame hit.

Homerun Battle 3D! This 2011 season, the Grand Slam continues!

Essentials Hall of Fame presents "The Best of the Best" app reward, which means HOMERUN BATTLE 3D was selected as the best-known and bestselling iPhone app!

+++ Now on Evnet! +++
"+ Exciting Events for the New 2011 Season RIGHT NOW!
1) You can get twice the winpoints you earn! If you win a game you get twice your winpoints, whereas you lose it stays the same.
2) 4 New Items for the 2012 DeMarini Line-up have been added!
Don't miss your chance to buy the new items at 50% off!
Also, we are giving Goldballs to ALL in-app purchasers!
3) Not only can you add your Facebook friends as your rivals, but you can also add your rivals as your Facebook friends!"

+++ Coming up Soon! +++
"+ HOMERUN BATTLE 3D game progression will become transferable to other devices!
Were currently working hard so you can take all your data to different devices in the future! Yes, including your ID, missions, Goldballs and items!"

" Online Match-up Mode (one-on-one against rivals and friends)
3 Extra Modes: Arcade, Training, and Classic modes
Player Customization (Self-ID creation)
Body: face, hair, skin, etc.
Look: jersey, pants, cleat shoes, glasses, eye patches, etc.
Baseball Equipments: bats, gloves, helmets, etc.

Customizable Character with a variety of Baseball Equipments including the official DeMarini CF4, Voodoo and M2M bats.
iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized control: touch and accelerometer
7 types of item balls with different attacking and defending abilities
Supported in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese"

(We are working on an update for iPod Touch 4G users.
We apologize for any current inconveniences that might occur for them.)


A Home Run, indeed. - IGN

With almost no hype or licensing excitement, Com2uS has proven this point for the iPhone and iPod touch. - Macworld

If the real-life action was as simple and quick as this game, I could be tempted into picking up a hickory bat for real. - PocketGamer

A Casual Sports Game That's Actually Really Fun

Simple online play; terrific presentation; perfect batting controls

An extremely fun arcade game with a fantastic online matchup mode. This game is must-buy for baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike. -

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